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Burning like Rebel Diamonds

Cut out of the Sun

1 January 1982
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Wicked Club

Shinji Peltier- The meaning of life is living, everything else is perspective.
Anafiel Peltier- Love can't do 'anything', but it can do enough.
Eric Stratton- A good man is not one who does what he is told, a good man is one who does what he knows must be done.
Hasaka- Boo motherfucka.
Austra- The greatest power of man is the ability to reason the Universe into something small enough that it fits in his pocket.
Silveris (from Feris)- There is nothing beyond imagination, and nothing before creativity.
Helsinzeh- The world is too beautiful for merely light, the darkness has its place and its place is in the children of anarchy.
Muraki- There is a chance this won't work, but merely the possibility is always justification for risk.
Nicholai- a mind is a terrible thing to waste, why not try decorating your bathroom?
Auro- You fuck me on a consistent basis no matter what I say, my former friend and love is probably impregnated with your evil super baby, family time means being dangled over lava, and you want to know if I want eggs with bacckey?! ( I'll do whatever it takes...I never really understood that before.)
Ciprian- Power is the domination of will and the use of it on others.
Kaioba- Toast!
Shizua- Silence is beautiful, and you, my love, are its messenger
Hikaru- Sometimes killing is the right answer, and this is our test.
Bokua- If you say you can't do something and whine you might qualify to be an anime hero but in my book you should be beaten to death by a clown car.
Koyote- He had it coming (in regards to the eye incident)
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