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Oct. 2nd, 2007



Name: Halsinzeh

Age: A little over two and a half thousand

Date of Birth: unknown, but I'll take October 25th

Height: 6'11

Weight: 280

Mother: Priestess Lailianne

Father: Guess Who

siblings: none, thankfully

Spouses and permanent lovers: Jacob....and? I wonder.

Appearance: Tall with dark hair and eyes, a tendency towards black layered robes with intricate designs and shifting patterns. Hair to the bottom of my back if released from the hundreds of braids my hair is kept in. It is a Black dragon custom to braid your hair more the older you are. My kingdom's stones include black diamond, obsidian, onyx, and tiger's eye and I use them woven through my hair sometimes.

Color: Black and Violet

Type: Black Dragon King

Subtype: Nightmare Sculptor

Things I like: dark gardens, understanding and crafting desires, philosophy, rich foods, dessert, cats, sleeping on....treasure, being just mean enough, reading, flying in space

Things I dislike: hypocrisy, simpletons, being hungry, sleeping too much, headaches

Blood type: ...I have no idea. Demi-god Light I suppose.

Why am I here?: Apparently there are wicked people discussing themselves here, why wouldn't I be interested? And I believe Reve was using this place as well.

Sep. 14th, 2007


Some me

Name: Austra Reikaido

Age: 79 or 1 depending on how you look at it

Date of Birth: February 13th

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 189 (silver makes me quite heavy for my height)

Mother: Reikaido Reisa

Father: Reikaido Dai

Siblings: brother and a sister, Yatsudo and Akako

Spouses and permanent lovers:  Aya, Shin

Appearance: Layered hair made of silver, purple eyes, small build, and delicate hands. My smile is where most of me is.

Color: Well, that's rather obvious

Type: Archmage

Subtype: thrillseeker

Things I like: ancient ruins, arcane studies, tomes, violent changes, beauty personified through willpower, determination, being sadistic, acrobatics, Aya's stories, pirating, our flying ship, Mischa's cheekbones, butterflies and their counterpart razors, magical languages, dragonic

Things I dislike: Oh that list is so long I dare not try and capture it all at once. Pretentious "elite", sore losers, sour things, simple minds, repetition, synthesizers, not having a comfortable amount of treasure to support my complete refusal to work outside adventuring

Blood type: silver

Why am I here?: I am wicked after all.
Shinji Peltier

Personal information and in need of a better picture

Name: Shinji Didier Peltier

Age: 150

Date of Birth: December 22nd, 1857

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 159  (vampires are a bit light after all)

Mother: Vivian Evette Peltier

Father: Kurozuku Shinji

Siblings: Genivieve Azura Peltier

Spouses and permanent lovers: Anarazumi Hajime

Appearance: Wide shoulders and thin with short black hair (with grey streak on each side), a sharp face with a varied grab-bag of French and Japanese facial features. Light blue eyes with snow flurries (my, doesn't that sound fanciful) and the pale skin and long boxed off ears of the Aokaze (my clan).

Color: cyan blue

Type: deviant artistocrat

Subtype: bohemian paradox

Things I like: wicked ways, Yurei, music, true art, keeping lofty, silence, learning to breathe through love, poetry, silk, composing, falling, getting back up, various and passionate liasons, the cello, studying ice magic, owning and defending a plethora of French pornography, griping at bad artists, philosophy,

Things I dislike: America as a whole, grease, fried things, unpleasant odors, oil, gritty anything, boring sex or people, banality, a life without pain, Christianity's current state, women who aren't elegant or strong, glaring colors, not having eyes, mass produced trinkets, dead gods, people who believe one should never kill, spiders, pungent perfumes

Blood type: Yurei's

Why am I here?: Because I want to foster a place where freedom of speech is about analyzing the nature of existence and about interesting viewpoints instead of a license to crudely spread ridiculously ignorant self-important opinions.

Also, I am curious to a fault.

October 2007



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